Working with Ashley was and continues to be a transformative experience. Under his careful guidance and gentle nudging, the quality of my writing has improved markedly. He is that rare writing companion who combines the copy editor’s eye for the nitty gritty and the storyteller’s understanding for narrative arc—and everything in between. I rely on him throughout the writing process: as a sounding board for my ideas and as the final eyes before submitting my work. At every stage his feedback is insightful, actionable and honest. I can’t recommend working with Ashley highly enough. If you feel like you have a story to tell, academic or otherwise, work with him. He’ll help you get the story packaged, polished and placed at the highest level of publication. He did for me.

—Martin Gutmann, Ph.D., eMBA, Managing Director, Swiss School of Public Governance, ETH Zurich and author of Building a Nazi Europe, Cambridge University Press, 2017

Working with Ashley is one of the best professional decisions I’ve ever made. Ashley is the kind of editor you dream of working with: attentive, respectful, with a deep mastery of the English language.

I appreciate how reliable and responsive Ashley is. Not only did he polish my prose, but he also helped me improve my writing skills. And he made the process of writing fun again. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to work with Ashley. He is a great asset for non-native and native English writers alike.

—Djahane Salahebadi, Ph.D., Align Coaching

Ashley Curtis translates and composes various texts in English for the Kommode Press. Mostly these are texts about our publications, for example for Book Fair catalogues, for our foreign partner presses or for our website. We prefer to give these assignments to him because he always translates our texts with finesse, precision, and a fine sensitivity to nuance and style. We look forward to many further projects together with him.

—Annette Beger, Publisher, Kommode Press, Zurich

When my colleague, Heidi Gutekunst and I set out to gather a book that would be a compendium of practices for leaders and managers to develop greater awareness, we knew we had a big challenge—including a self imposed deadline. We knew we needed some help. We are not seasoned authors and were self-publishing so needed someone who would help us with the editing. Ashley was recommended and he played a huge part in producing our book. He is thorough, sensitive to the meaning and spirit of our work and our engagement with him was fun, challenging and always professional and within some tight deadlines.

This is what we said in our thanks in the book:

 While our “considerably more than an editor” Ashley Curtis remained invisible to us in our early engagement, we quickly realised that we had an accomplished “polisher of gems” on our team.

 Ashley comes highly recommended!

—Jane Allen, Chair of the Board, Amara Collaborative

Thank you very much, Ashley! WONDERFUL!

I am very delighted and utmost grateful that you have done this so reliably and fast!
I went through the whole paper and this is exactly what I need.

—Prof. Dr. Heike Weber
Institut für Geschichte / Institut für Technikzukünfte,  Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

Thank you so much for your comprehensive and very very helpful comments. According to your feedback I could clarify most questions and eliminate misunderstandings. 

—Dr. Christian Zumbrägel, Akademischer Mitarbeiter, Institut für Technikzukünfte (ITZ), Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

Many thanks for the thorough check and editing of the documents and mails—it has been extremely helpful!

—Dr. Jost Hamschmidt, Coordinator of Studies, Department of Management, Technology and Economics, ETH Zürich

Many thanks for the prompt and accurate corrections!

—Dr. Sonja-Vera Ripperger, Head of Marketing and Communication, D-MTEC, ETH Zurich